Scrambles Since Digital Cameras

Mainly scrambles since digital cameras although some older scanned pics.  Scrambles picture  Zenfolio gallery links- trip comments/route diagrams are with the older pictures. Trips in 2009 or newer may also have a trip report at this main site/blog or some TR’s (trip Reports) on Summitpost if interesting route discussion.  Interesting or unusual reports are highlighted in red.

Note: these are now in alphabetical order.

This site and the pic gallery can also be searched.

Alphabetical List

Akamina  Oct 2010

Andromache aug/2012

Anklebiter Ridge April 2017

Aylmer July 1/06      Shows bypass of downclimb – easiest and fastest way

Baldy – various years

Bellevue Hill Waterton May/2017

Black Rock Mountain

Black Tusk  in B.C.

Bluerock  Mountain Sept 2013  Sheep/Kananaskis area

Brett – trip report       Brett – pics

 Buller  2006

Burgess and Walcott  2010

Burstall  2006

Bryant July 2017

Mount Burke and Burke North Loop, August 24, 2019 Kananaskis


Cascade 2016

Cat Creek Hills 2018

Castle Mtn North (Main) Peak 2018


Chief Mountain – Montana  2005

Chief Mountain Trip Report – Summitpost

Collembolla  2010

Copper Mtn   july 1/10

Commonwealth Aug 2013

Compression Ridge, July 5/08 – map – come back to same park lot

Dolomite July17/06

Dolomite Route Discussion on Summitpost

Door Jam/Loder/Jura Creek June 2/07

Door jamb Loder March 2017

East Peak of Wendell  2008

Edith – June 16/06

Engadine 2004

Mount Field, Yoho Park June 25, 2019 Crux

Fisher Peak – Kananaskis July 30/06 –  NEW APPROACH PICS SINCE FLOODS

Fisher Peak – Kananaskis – Mountain page, route description and Trip Report on Summitpost

Fisher Peak/ mountain Cranbrook  July/2011

Fisher Peak 2015  Success

Gap Mountain

Gap Peak 2004

GR 427439 – North Fork Upper Canyon Creek, Nov 2/08

Grizzly Peak-June 24/06

Grotto 2018

Gunnery Mtn  June 6/10

Half Dome Yosemite

Ha Ling and Miners

Heart Mountain – Loop

Heart Extension to Twin Towers  2004

Holy Cross Sept/2012

Hornecker 2018

Howard TR Nov/09      Howard pics

Indefatigable N & traverse  2006

Inglismaldie July 07

Isabelle 2009

Ishbel 1983?

Isolated/Whaleback yoho sept/2011 with Dow

Jack Knife Butte April 6, 2019 Bob Creek Wildlands

Kananaskis Peak June 29, 2012

Kidd South 2018

Kiwetinok Sept/2011

Kidd, Gordon, Sir Alexander, Fay, Carnarvon, etc.

Lady MacDonald May/2017

Limestone – Lime Wedge 2010

Little Lawson  2017

Little Lougheed 2018

Little Lougheed 2019

Livingstone S  March 27/10

Lusk Ridge 2019

Mary Barclay June/2011

Maze  Peak Ya ha tinda 2018

Murray/Cegnefs  2009

McArthur  2011

McDougal  ??

McGillivray  2005

Midnight 2019


Niles  2009

Niblock-oct 3/04


Ogden 2019

Odlum 2019

Opal North June/2017

Opal South

Old Baldy Attempt June 7/08

Old Baldy McDougal Volcano Traverse Sept/2012

Peak SE of Heart Mtn – aka twin towers or peaks Has photo of alternate downclimb on ridge

Pinto Mountain Columbia Valley 2019

Pollinger yoho Sept/2011

Prairie Mountain April/09

Prairie Bluff East Castle April/2017

Ptarmigan Peak June/2017

Red Peak 2018

Redoubt – Aug/2011 Shortcut route – 8 hours RT vs Kane 12 hr+

Richardson-Pika  2007

Remus – RMB group scramble

Romulus by shortcut Oct 1/2008 – shorter and more fun than Kane route

Romulus Shortcut on summitpost


Sarrail 2018

Ship’s Prow 2018

St. Piran Sept 9/07

Shark 2018

Shunga-la-she, September 13, 2019 Sheep Prov Park, Kananaskis

Stephen -Aug/05-

Stephen Trip Report and detailed route discussion – Summitpost

Smuts  2005

Smuts Detailed Route discussion and Trip Report – Summitpost

South of Isola  2012

Sofa Mountain Waterton

Stuart Knob Castle Mountain North Peak

Bald Eagle Peak June 28/09 -Map/directions so no bushwack

Sulphur Mountain 2019

Tangle Ridge 2018

Tiara peak/Belmore Browne. 2007

Temple and route discussion  See this pic – guys on right are doing easiest way through the grey band – better than the blue/yellow markers.

Thunder Mountain 2012

 Tower of Babel  2005

The Turret July/2017

Unity and Purple June/2017

Vermilion  2005

Victoria Peak Pincher Creek 2018

WSW Ridge on West Baldy.  2008

Wasatch Peak, Banff Lake Louise September 3, 2019

Wasootch Peak May 22/10

Wasootch Peak 2018

Ward – Sept6/08

Willow ridge by chain lakes Mar/2017

Windy Peak and Saddle Peaks, Kananaskis, Mount Livingstone Natural area, June 18, 2019

East Peak of Wendell

Yamnuska – June 14/08 – alternate 5.3 ridge scramble route

Yamnuska alternate scramble ridge route 5.3 2013

Zephyr Creek Hills Limestone mountain

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