Bluerock Mountain Sept 27, 2013



Start of winter in the mountains.  Drove to Turner Valley and then west to Sheep River area. Parked at Bluerock equestrian camp. Temp was -3 C and hiked on Bluerock creek trail in trees – at highpoint (bench and hitching post) headed up ridge and over first highpoint.  Second highpoint has major rock wall with gully 2-300 m left of ridge. Moderate difficulty scramble but harder with ice on it and smooth water worn holds. Not to be under estimated and down climb would be worse.  Early season with snow would be easy to kick steps up this.  One waist high step that required some thinking.  Upper ridge was relatively easy but the high winds and 20-30 cm snow in places made it tougher so 5.5 hrs to top.  We decide on the alternate descent to avoid the winds and  the down climb.  Down a broad gully with snow was good but the blow down area and side hilling took some time.  found the sheep trail in scree up on the left/east side of the valley and followed it out and up across the big scree slopes and up through trees to regain the trail below the highpoint.

RT 10.5 hrs  for probably ~ 25 km and ~ 1500 m with lose and regain 100 m twice on creek crossing and 200 m regain on alternate descent and then up and down on ridge.

Pica at Bluerock

Wietse pics – some good action pics with the wind.


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