Canadian Rockies Websites

Organized Group sites/Webboards/Forums etc

Scrambling in the Canadian Rockies – facebook

Parks Mountain Safety

Kananaskis Public Safety

Clubtread   Vancouver centric web board with increasing amount of Rockies content now that the RMB (Rocky Mountain Books) Forum is dead.

Summitpost  – international mountain site – some good Rockies info from Dow, etc.


Alpine Club Calgary

Rocky Mountain Ramblers  good info and TR’s for recent conditions

Calgary-Scrambling-and-Mountaineering-Club/   A meetup club

Calgary-Outdoor-Recreation-Association-CORA   A meetup club

Old Goats group


Personal Sites – Other Alberta/Calgary – Rockies scramble/climb/ski  personal trip report and pictures websites, photo sites and blogs in random order.

Mark Klassen’s   Site     and photo facebook site

Wietse Excellent photographer and scrambler

Vern Has finishished all Kane scrambles and has RMB forum archives. Excellent photographer.

Marko updated to flickr site


Andrew  Prolific scrambler and mountaineer. Author of More Scrambles in Rockies  His Log II  most up to date

Kerry V


Raff main site  prolific climber and scrambler – Lots of great peak info


Ferenc Webshots -older

Bob SpirkoVery prolific scrambler,hiker and snowshoer. Well laid out site with good notes, maps, gps stats and observations.

Sonny   Has done all of Kane’s scrambles plus more.

Golden scrambler

Matt Clay

Matt Hobbs

Jason Wilcox


Kelly  need to update

Marta and Chester   Marta has completed all of the Kane scrambles.


Scott Berry

Eric Couthard – active scrambler and climber – runs the next site

SummitSearch – has a forum




Rob Eastwick – also has  Calgary Peak Panorama

Jon Guy

Rod Wood

Clayton D

Steven Song – prolific -140+ peaks in last year!

Benn N

Kevin S

OLD Sites  – May or may not be active

Summits for Seniors – Kevin Papke’s site  – great cause!!   No longer active


Antri  old site

Linda  old site

Dave Stephens  One of the original personal scrambling websites- now Gone!

Frank  old site

Ken T

Bennet Wong One of the oldest websites – now gone!



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