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Train – SSV skiout to top Wawa – Jan 26, 2019

SSV old Skiout – up 780 m 5.9 km in 2:45 at casual pace staying below 130 HR with 125 alarm. With Dave   Did a downhill day with Wietse. Playing hockey once per week and 2-3x week on elip.

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Ski DH SSV Jan 5, 2019

Ski DH SSV with Wietse 19 runs 6050m 1/2 of 60 km= 30 km Jan – training 2 or 3x week bike or Elip Hockey Sundays

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Backcountry AT ski Dec 28, 2018

AT ski with Wietse -25 C start and all in shade so cold toes. Up LL ski out and Turned around at halfway hut. 15 km and 535 m . 2.5 km/hr on way in and 9 km/hr on way … Continue reading

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