Etherington Ridge Sept 6, 2021

Short day scramble practice in Kananaskis with Kevin.


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Kent South Aug 21, 2021

Short day with Kevin and Roy.

Wet in the trees most of way with some path.

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Iceline Yoho Hike Aug 15, 2021

21.5 km and 1000 m – relaxed 7.5 hrs. Good exercise but missed a lot of the views due to smoke. Glacier has receeded a fair bit since mid 80’s.

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Storm Mountain Kananaskis Scramble Aug 10th

80+ kmph wind gusts stopped us right near the top. We were blown over and the flying gravel was unpleasant. 1000 m


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Spoon Needle Scramble attempt July 22nd

Spoon Needle attempt from Galatea trail. Started too late in day

Started just after 3rd or 4th bridge.

Some flagging but mainly bush wacking on a random track. There is one steep headwall in the trees. Did 365 m and 4.6 km RT.


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Powderface East summit July 20, 2021

More hikes for charity

600 m and 5.5 km RT


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Tower of Babel Banff Scramble July 1, 2021

Canada Day on Tower of Babel, Moraine Lake

Scramble with Kevin K and Stu.

About 6 km and 550 m

The rock is Quartzite so harder and breaks into blocks and rectangles so not as stable in piles versus limestone and shale. Very slippery when wet. Trail not much better or maybe worse than 20 years ago.

Well worth finding the UP Trail in drainage to right of trees and the scree fan which takes you to the RH corner of gully. Off trail stuff is ugly, very loose and dangerous and do not punish yourself with trying to go up the scree down trails. Do not be below others as head sized quartzite boulders can come down. Last time we went up left side which looked to still have an ok dirt trail but the RH ledges had some good trails and much better hands on scrambling on steps and we were out of the line of fire/off fall line. Helmets mandatory.

On way down we stayed on skiers LH side and on the little ledge systems/steps we went up on. We even followed some ledges and trails left off into the trees which was good. Dropped out right near the bottom of the gully and then went out into the center of gully and slid down a line of good scree most of the way down the fan. then follow a trail down to consolation lakes trail and out.


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Mount Allan June 27, 2021

Mount Allan Olympic Summit and Conglomerate Rock Garden June 27, 2021
What mountain? and how sunburned can you get?

Hot hike with Kevin K, Stu, Kyle and Ben.

Started early to avoid worst of heat but heavy sun all the way and most ran out of water.

20+ km and 1600+ m with loss and regain


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Windtower June 13, 2021

Kevin and Stu on Windtower

With Kevin K and Stu. Windy day above tree line. They are hiking 8848 vertical meters in June/July to raise money for Endurability which is volunteer activity to help disabled people has access to the mountains. See Rocky Mountain Adaptive

There is not much snow left. About 10 km and 1100 m elev including loss and regain vs 950 m straight gain.

The traverse part of the trail seemed lower and more in the trees than I remembered but worked well with only a few sections of snow. Upper scree has a very good switch backed trail now.


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Rainy Ridge/East Powderface June 11, 2021

Stu and Ben on East Powderface ridge summit.

After work Friday with Stu and Ben

About 400 m and 5 km rt. 1hr 10 min up


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