Crowsnest Mountain Scramble July 25, 2020

Crowsnest Mountain from Highway 3. 2875 m
Rams on summit.

Crowsnest Mountain – Moderate Scramble. 2875 m

Allison Creek Road is a little rough so was glad to have the jeep. Start at 1680 m so about 1200 m gain despite 1100 m in Kane guidebook. My watch 1150 m and ViewRanger 1250 m recorded more and 9 km RT. About 4.5 hours up with waiting time due to lots of people and investigating several false trails. Saturday so almost 30 people.

Note this is a Moderate Difficulty Scramble and NOT A HIKE despite Alltrails reviews.

Note the tracks on ViewRanger and Alltrails both are slightly off as they are up to 20 to 30 m to the climbers right of the dirt bike trail that is used to almost treeline.

After break tree line there are multiple up tracks and down tracks in the steep scree that lead up to the first rockband/wall. The least steep and loose is probably to left of snow patch and aim for yellow patch on wall. There is a green yellow painted mark here as well. Follow base of wall up to right to gully with some rock steps. At 3/4 way up gully traverse left on large ledge to climbers left to get to the top of first cliff band. If go to top of gully there are 3 other trails that lead to steep scrambling or less attractive options. Lots of people lose their way on this one.

Follow scree up to left to Second Cliff band with black stains and follow base left to gully that leads to chained section that takes you to top of second cliff band. Gully is loose and a bit dangerous with too many parties. Chained section is down sloping small ledges and steps and easiest to climb or step up with feet/legs and have one hand on rock and other on chain for balance. Takes more energy if pull up with both hands on chain or if lean back too much on chain. First chain to corner and a bolt. Second chain bolted at both ends and in middle. The rock steps are getting polished as this was not as simple as was in past.

Above chains follow trail off to left and then stay on left high trail for long right traverse around to upper mountain. There now are too many up and down and false trails so try to follow cairns to try find easiest or best up trails and avoid dead ends. This section has degraded from 20 years ago and is harder to figure out than it was in the past. Lots of people all over the place and many had to back track from bad trails(steep, loose and dead ends) and some gave up. Creates chaos as much loose rock is knocked down which turned around some other people.

Generally up right across a bowl on left higher trail, over a small ridge, big switch to right, up slabby rib with cairns, ledges/switches and then switch back left to ridge and up right on ledges and trail to summit ridge. Easy walking on wide summit ridge.

Link to Pics

Will add more pics as get them from everyone.

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Swany and Iyre Ipan July 16, 2020

Swanys summit.

25 km 850 m 5:15 hrs


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Glasgow N July 12, 2020

with Kevin K and Wietse.

Chased off by rain and buzzing metal about 60 m short of summit.

940 m, 15 km and 6 hours.

Rained on us about 4 times.

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Porcupine Ridge June 25, 2020

Nice hike/scramble with Kevin and Roy.

Note easiest to cross river on bridge to South side and then recross to North side on some logs. Cross again after splits to base of ridge. ridge a bit steep but good trail. Went up all rocky high points except the tower off south side.


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Mount Rose June 19, 2020

Bike and hike with Dave, Kevin P and Wietse.

Went to new bridge versus cross river after campground. Worked ok but extra km’s. Poor trail along river back to correct drainage. Good trail on RH side of river from horse camp most of way up Rose in trees. Weather rolled in and decided to turn around.


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Mount Stevens Columbia Valley June 5, 2020

Ascent ridges from summit.

Hike scramble near Cranbrook with Kevin P and Gary H. Some snow near tree line and along summit ridge.

About 11.6 km and 1370 m in 8 hours including time waiting while guys did Teepee.


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South Baldy Ridge, May 27, 2020

South Baldy from Ridge

Afternoon with Kevin P and Dave S.

11.7 km, 680 m and 4.5 hours


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Junction Hill May 24, 2020

Junction Hill Main East ridge from summit

Nice hike/easy scramble with Kevin K.

Started from the gate on East side of stream and went up grassy/treed ridges from highway and joined East ridge about 1/3 the way up at a weakness. Almost stepped on a 6 foot garter snake in the rocks.

Followed ridge easily to top with some easy scrambling on rock but probably avoidable.

Summit has big cairn. went down west ridge and lost trail in broken rock and trees. trail swings off to east side and then back to west. follow ridge down to saddle and then follow old road or various shortcuts down to road.

Loop is 8.7 km and 760 m in relaxed 4.5 hrs.


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West Wind Pass -Windtower May 16, 2020

Windtower from trail – no overnight freeze so heavy postholing despite packed trail in snow.

Mostly easy walk to pass with some snow in trees. Heavy snow there after with some spots well over 2 m deep. Lots of people and trails but no over night freeze so all falling apart.

Did about 550 m before decided to go home.


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Exshaw Mountain Loop May 8, 2020

Parked at school park lot and went across new bridge and over to trailhead,

Dry to summit in 1 hr 15 min from car and then decided to do loop which involved slow post holing to waist in the rain/sleet down to col and then follow flagging down to Prospector MB trail back to trailhead.

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