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Exercise-rehab Sept 2023 hockey 2x week, workout , stretch, physio exercises for shoulder, walk dog, etc

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July/Aug Exercise

hockey, dog walk, commercial painting job, golf, physio on shoulder, etc.

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March, April -Exercise – Hockey, dog walk, Ski Nakiska, Lake Louise, workout

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Training- prairie mountain, hockey, golf, workout, dog walking

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Nov, Dec 2021 and Jan, Feb 2022

Exercise – hockey 2x / week, workouts and dog walking. Note very cold weather from mid Dec to mid Jan. Downhill skiing and skinning practice. Nakiska, Sunshine(Wietse), Marmot(Rick). Uphill practice at fish creek, battalion park and prairie.

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Prairie Mtn Dec 29, 2020

Sunny day. 1 hour 40 min up on hard pack with microspikes. Ran into Vern on way down.

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Stretching and Diet (D3/K2) for cold hands, trigger finger, carpal tunnel and Raynaud’s

Getting old can suck. Developed some Trigger finger in my ring and little fingers and some lumps in the palm. Cold hands. Physio and diet to the rescue. Over the last 2 years, I have reversed the trigger finger and … Continue reading

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