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Chester Lake Jan 9, 2021 Backcountry Ski

An introductory ski trip for a beginner. Played in some trees/glades towards Galatea ridge. About 450 m and 8 km. Pictures

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Skate Spray Lakes December 7, 2020

Rare opportunity to skate smooth clear ice on a mountain lake. Spray lakes has frozen during a calm night with no snow cover. See first pic from Sunday from Matt Clay of entire lake so we decided to go skate … Continue reading

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Allsmoke mountain Hike November 2, 2020

Hike with Dave, Roy and Kevin Muddy drive in but good hike. 16 km and 800 m RT Pictures

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Crowsnest Mountain Scramble July 25, 2020

Crowsnest Mountain – Moderate Scramble. 2875 m Allison Creek Road is a little rough so was glad to have the jeep. Start at 1680 m so about 1200 m gain despite 1100 m in Kane guidebook. My watch 1150 m … Continue reading

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Swany and Iyre Ipan July 16, 2020

25 km 850 m 5:15 hrs Pics

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Glasgow N July 12, 2020

with Kevin K and Wietse. Chased off by rain and buzzing metal about 60 m short of summit. 940 m, 15 km and 6 hours. Rained on us about 4 times.

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Porcupine Ridge June 25, 2020

Nice hike/scramble with Kevin and Roy. Note easiest to cross river on bridge to South side and then recross to North side on some logs. Cross again after splits to base of ridge. ridge a bit steep but good trail. … Continue reading

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Mount Rose June 19, 2020

Bike and hike with Dave, Kevin P and Wietse. Went to new bridge versus cross river after campground. Worked ok but extra km’s. Poor trail along river back to correct drainage. Good trail on RH side of river from horse … Continue reading

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South Baldy Ridge, May 27, 2020

Afternoon with Kevin P and Dave S. 11.7 km, 680 m and 4.5 hours Pics

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Junction Hill May 24, 2020

Nice hike/easy scramble with Kevin K. Started from the gate on East side of stream and went up grassy/treed ridges from highway and joined East ridge about 1/3 the way up at a weakness. Almost stepped on a 6 foot … Continue reading

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