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Chester Lake Jan 9, 2021 Backcountry Ski

An introductory ski trip for a beginner. Played in some trees/glades towards Galatea ridge. About 450 m and 8 km. Pictures

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Stretching for cold hands, trigger finger, carpal tunnel and Raynaud’s

Getting old can suck. Developed some Trigger finger in my ring and little fingers and some lumps in the palm. Cold hands. Physio to the rescue. Over the last 2 years, I have reversed the trigger finger and cold hands … Continue reading

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Prairie Mountain – training Sept 7, 2020

From roadside to top without stopping 1 hr 30 min. Training is hockey and golf once per week, weights, dog walking and hikes.

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Quarantine Activities March 14 to May 14

Bike riding, dog walking, stairs and basement workouts.

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Stairs, dog walking and hockey

Hockey – twice a week. Stairs with Toffee sat 22nd – 330 m or 7 times. sunny, 6 C but windy. Dog walk every day.

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SSV – downhill Feb 17, 2020

Solid day with Wietse. Legs felt good. Mostly sunny day but a little cool. Forecast was overcast and flurries. Lots of runs.  22 or so.

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SSV skiout and Wawa Feb 11, 2020

Training run with the Nunataq’s Light snow but sunny for run down. 740 m and 12.4 km. 2.5 hrs up to top of Wawa. Steady pace (~300 m/hr) Felt good. Strong ski down. Top to park lot in 30 min. … Continue reading

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Nakiska Jan 7, 2020

Downhill day 45 km so 22 km of ski 6000 m 12 runs 4 hours Ankle feels good. Pleased with outcome of operation. Minimal swelling. Twice a week of hockey. Scoring more goals. Gradually getting over head cold. (three weeks) … Continue reading

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Prairie Mountain, Bragg Creek, Kananaskis Dec 21, 2019

  Snowy foggy day but terrible roads and high avi hazard so a good day to do prairie mtn.  Ran into many people we knew from past trips and the internet. Snow was wet and sticky and some balling issues … Continue reading

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Battalion Park Stairs, Signal Hill, SW, Calgary, Nov 24, 2019

Training with Toffee. Sorta sunny.  3 to 6 C and windy. Toque and gloves, light blue running jacket, track pants. Note will need long sleeve, buff or heavier toque/gloves if colder or windier. Did 5.5 laps or about 250 m. … Continue reading

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