Association Peak Oct 25, 2013


Sunny, calm and warm day for October. Good outing with Wietse and Vern.

On top in about 5 hours with some lost time in 2 or 3 places. RT in 9.5 hrs.

About 21.5 kms and 1200 – 1300 m.   Email for GPS track if want.

Notes:  When hit the river the trail follows left side then crosses the Wendel creek and then we crossed the river to right/North side of river and followed it for a km+ before leave river bed on large horse trail which goes up to right. The trail is initially on LH side of drainage/small creek  but crosses to RH side of drainage and then up to col of Assoc hill and Assoc Pk.

From col easiest to follow road down to North for 200 m and then go straight up open slopes until hit a sheep trail which traverses right to below the left end of rockband 1.  There are three rockbands.

We went up a left hand ramp in RB1 and then easy scramble for 2 m  to big talus slope. followed faint trail to right across talus to base of RB2 and right to snow gully.

Snow was hard and frozen so we went around RH end of RB2 and up scree slope.

Went up slope to rock outcrop and bypassed it on left as RB3 dies out there.

Walk left on ridge to top.

Pics at Association   full screen slideshow best as usual

Wietse Association

Vern Association

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