Kananaskis Peak June 29, 2012


Kananaskis Peak summit ridge scramble

Kevin on Kananaskis Peak

Scramble with Kevin and Kelly.  Didn’t do much research and we went too far up the Wasootch trail, side hilled  in angled trees down to the creek drainage and then side hilled the other side in steep trees as we went around a slot canyon/rock band.  In end we went up and down the normal descent gully which is the 4th gully from West or the one closest to the peak.

Best way to do this trip would be to start out on the Wasootch Peak trail and catch the trail that goes down to the right into the creek drainage in about 20 or 30 min.  Follow the game trail along the left side of the drainage – past the waterfall and stay in the drainage/creek  or on the left side trail all the way if possible until go up the second drainage that comes curving down off the mountain.  High water/rock bands forced us 50 -75 m up onto the Wasootch side on the way down.

The descent gully was okay on way up as we could find consolidated rock most of the way to col. It was only 10 to 15 min from col to summit. The upper rock ridge was fun but way too short with only a short 10 m section of exposed moderate scrambling.

Very fast down on the scree/dirt and then boulder hopping all the way down the creek.

Pics here Kananaskis Peak  – full screen slide show best as always.

Kev’s pics  Summit for Seniors – great cause.



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