Andromache Aug 19, 2012

Last minute decision to meet Kevin at Lake Louise Sunday morning and we were off to do plan “C” which turned out to be Andromache.  Went up Hector valley on trail – RH side of creek – and through rockband left of waterfall – a little moderate scramble.  Stay to valley bottom on grass if can because want left valley but not worth gaining elevation early as will sidehill poor broken rock.  As you near high point of pass move left up scree and broken rock in a gully which gains the ridge of Andromache.  Up more broken rock to un named and then down broken rock to low point beside glacier and up broken rock to summit. Boots preferred – no level walking on this one.

Took NW ridge down – good moderate scramble alongside glacier on upper part but the middle part of ridge and the lower gulleys are hard baked clay covered with deadly gravel and poor rock.  Have your boots with heels for this and poles – could have even used an axe to stop the sliding – scratched up my ass.  We went as far along ridge as we could following cairns and cut back left on the lowest angle gulley near pinnacles but still was poor. Cut back left at treeline to avoid the loose gravel cut lower down and emerge onto road and walk back to car.  We made lots of noise to avoid the bear down by the road – heard bear banger off to right.

Note put some pics of potential ski down North Glacier and out the valley.  I am sure this has been done but would need good snow coverage and stable conditions but could be a good run like Hector.  Use at own risk!! Could also just ski down the uproute.

Pics at Andromache  – use full screen slideshow.

Kevin’s pics





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