Bald Eagle Peak Canmore Scramble June 2009 No Bushwack Route

Bald Eagle Peak Crux, Canmore, Canadian Rockies



Slab ramp crux on side of Bald Eagle Peak, Canmore, Bow Valley

About 1200 m of elevation gain.

More Pictures are here

June 2009, I do not know if there is anyone out there who has not done this yet but bushwacking is no longer necessary. I had put off doing this because of all the reports of bad thrashing and compass readings, etc. Larger version of map in pics. Note I walked about 1.5 km along Meander until it turns right and drop off left side on game trails. Best access now is park at Harvey Heights Community center and take Tibits Quarry trail or Palliser Parking Lot – Meander – left on Ridge Traverse right on Tibbitt’s to Montane high point and left onto switchbacks which is Bald Eagle route 

I decide to do Bald Eagle Peak solo after my hiker friend called in the morning to cancel with some lame excuse about a leaky water heater and potentially flooded basement. I decided to switch objectives to the peak now know as Bald Eagle Peak since by now there must be trails and solo since no time to find anyone and everyone I know has done it anyway.
I took my GPS and was determined to do minimal bushwacking. Parked at the dayuse lot just East of the dry drainage that crosses the road on the East side of Harvie Heights. Map sign

Took the Meander trail for about 1.5 km to a point where I thought I should bushwack(after it turns right) and there was a game trail going off the left side exactly where I wanted to go(drops down 10 or 20 feet). Followed it down and across a drainage and small stream(could be wet/messy in spring) and then up slopes through mostly open forest until I hit the Montaine traverse trail. I went up right on Montaine until near its highpoint(note jog on map) and there was a very good trail leading off the left and up the ridge through the trees. This had 2-3 logs marking it(no rock cairn? but hear one has been added) and it lead all the way up the ridge to the rock. Above tree line it breaks into many scree variations(down tracks) but there are always switchbacked up trails on either side. Once on the ridge stuck close to the left edge on the rock ridge within 10 – 20 ft of the edge all the way to get the best scrambling and avoid the scree bypasses. There is one spot of slabby 5.3 that was probably avoidable but fun. Slab to the left side of summit block was dry, clean and grippy.

After come off rock ridge on the way down, avoid going too far skiers left on the scree trails as you will miss the trail in the trees( stay out of the drainage to skiers far left as it has various slabs to downclimb and there have been multiple rescues!!). 

Overall a quick fun trip.

Note the fastest best approach trail route would be to park at the Harvie Heights community center and take the Tibits Quarry trail to the Montaine trail. Leave Montaine trail near highpoint where a  good trail leads to the ridge. This would be less direct and slightly longer but all built trail. Parking may also be scarce.

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