Opal North June 4, 2017


Good chat comparing scrambles and routes

A few ways up to the ridge on this one. We followed the lower powerline south into the scrubby trees in the ditch until hit some blue flagging and the followed a steep trail straight up to the second powerline. Note there is trail coming in from south here – probably from picnic area which might be an easier start.  We then followed orange flagging straight up to ridge which was a little steep and slabby at top near the ridge(some moderate and exposed moves – would not like if wet).  There were some trails leading off to climbers left which would have been less slabby and lower angled. Came out at a cairn and good dirt trail along ridge in trees. Good trail the rest of the way to top.

On the way down we went by the cairn on the ridge top dirt trail and followed it until the trail faded and we hit a cairn and trail turned down. Followed a less slabby switch backed trail down and across some open areas but eventually the trail faded and we angled left to meet up with our original up trail.

6.3 km 880m about 3 hours up with stops to chat – about 8 groups and most went up or down a different way!


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Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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