Sulphur Mountain, Banff June 1, 2019

Sulphur Mountain Banff June 1, 2019

Smoke has been an issue so picked this based on smoke maps, rain on gondola cams and recent report on FB. Worked great as no smoke and great day.

Arrived early ~ 830 so parking fine. About 670 m to gondola – very little mud at top couple of the 27? switches.

Good trail to peak 1. Best to scramble up rock and go over top versus ledge route across and down as poor trails up through trees to regain ridge around  two more bumps of peak 1.

Peak 2 also has two bumps with a few Moderate moves on rock to get to top of highest South bump.

Drop into trees and over minor bump on way to Peak 3 which is labelled as Summit on maps and has highest contours.

There is a peak 4 which looks lower. My GPS watch recorded 2226 at gondola pad on way up and 2245 m on way down so warmer temperature and lower pressure caused drift of 19 m over the 4 hours which offsets the report from other hikers that peak 4 was 3 m higher on their watch.  See a marked up pic from summit where Dave’s camera lens visually lined up a sub peak (30 m away) near summit that was roughly level with peak 4 but was 3 to 4 m below peak 3 summit.

Total gain and  regain was 1250 to 1320 m depending on viewranger or garmin watch and 16.4 km.

Great day out with good friends.

Well worth doing as we wait on higher things to clean up.


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