Bellevue Hill May 12, 2017


Bellevue Hill with Galwey behind. Rained all the way down.

Friday – Drove down to Pincher Creek to try Victoria Peak but looked like still has too much snow – add in some new rain/snow showers at 8 am so we moved onto Waterton. Bellevue was dry until summit and then rained hard on us all the way down. Went up the RH Nugara fault route on East Face which had some nice hands on moderate rock in places up to and along the ridge. Rest was a hike with half a dozen ticks. Went down on south ridge direct to road which was fast descent in rain and shorter. Circuit was 835 m and 8.7 km including 1.5 km hike along road back to car, about 4 hours RT.



About Bill Kerr

Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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