Mount Field, Yoho Park June 25, 2019 Crux

Mount Field, Yoho Park June 25, 2019

Mount Field Yoho Upper Rockband Crux June 25, 2019 Note cairn/ vertical rock to left of Kev. Walked between snow and wall.

Mount Field Yoho Park

About 1400 m total and 17.6 km RT. 5 hrs up for me and 3 down

We parked at Field info center and went across the road and found good well used shortcut trail (on grassy slope about 100 m East) to intersect the Burgess pass trail. This is shorter and better than parking at Burgess pass trailhead.

Some blow down trees/logs over trail but that may be dealt with soon according to wardens. No snow except after junction with trail from Emerald lake there was some ankle deep in trees.

Take the Yoho Lake/Wapta trail (still in trees) which gradually goes down but leave trail at a small square red survey flag and follow the crest of the treed ridge until hit tree line (versus going to the curve. – saves  some elevation and distance loss and puts you on best ascent ridge with trail)

See pic above for route above tree line which leads to gully (marked with cairn above)with some easy moves and much easier gully than whatever I went up 20 years ago.

Most higher peaks around still have snow and need some time.




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