Maze Peak Scramble Yaha Tinda area May 25, 2018

Maze Peak Scramble Ya Ha Tinda area from puzzle point/west peak May 25, 2018

Scramble on Maze Peak Ya Ha Tinda area

Slabby scramble on Maze Peak Ya Ha Tinda area.

First new peak this year. Good scramble with Kevin Papke on a flex friday.

About 850 m to peak but 1000 m overall within regain and added puzzle point to west.

Just under 3 hours to top including breaks and photo ops. 6 hr RT with side trip to west point for views and extra exercise.

Took hardest scramble lines on every slab or rock point so fun moderate rock in some places. Most had easy walk arounds.

Best road is to drive to Sundre and the west.

Trail head past km 14, down to creek/bridge, pass slide scar and park 1-200 m as go up hill(3-400 m past bridge.)

Best to go right and up through thinning trees and aim to gain right hand shoulder of ridge vs straight up looks scrappy dinner plates over broken rock.

See spirko for good map but maybe start more to the right.



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