Victoria Peak Scramble June 13, 2018 Castle Paleo Quartzite Knife

Victoria Peak Scramble – Castle area

Victoria Peak Scramble – Wietse on crux over window.

Looking down at crux over window. I am near top of crux. Victoria Peak scramble castle area

Victoria Peak – 14.1 km 1094m   6.5 hrs RT  under 4 hrs up

Bike 2.7 km 130 m so 930 m up in 3 hrs 15 min

34% grade

Went west on ridge and down by brown scree and an avi bowl/path that had a trail.

Picked up a paleo quartzite knife/scraper.  see pics – some are Wietse’s and Kevin’s – Thanks


About Bill Kerr

Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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