Gunnery Mtn June 6/2010

Kevin and Aspen


Kevin, Aspen and I were looking for an easy snow free day which is hard to get this spring.   We decided on Gunnery becasue Kevin had looked at it on Sat as he and Wietse came back from a waist deep wallowing exercise on Pasque.  Gunnery is just on the North side of the road from Longview which junctions with # 40 . There are several hike routes but all start right at the road. It is about 550 m and 3-4 km RT.

We decide to take a faint hiking trail which starts near a drainage on the west side of Gunnery which leads to the col on the N side of Gunnery since we had Aspen(small dog) and we were scouting the best access route for SE ridge of Holy Cross.  Next time I will just do the SE ridge of Gunnery since it may have some scrambling and would be the most direct route – Note that it would make an easy evening execise objective.  We still had some ankle to knee deep snow in the trees above the col.

Holy Cross ridges looked very snowy and needs at least several weeks yet unless the weather gets really hot.  Burke and Plateau to the south looked very snowy as well.

Pictures at Gunnery

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