Scrambles in the Digital Era

Mainly scrambles since digital cameras although some older scanned pics.  Scrambles picture  Zenfolio gallery links- trip comments/route diagrams are with the older pictures. Trips in 2009 or newer may also have a trip report at this main site/blog or some TR’s (trip Reports) on Summitpost if interesting route discussion.  Interesting or unusual reports are highlighted in red.

Note: these are now in alphabetical order.

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Alphabetical List

Akamina  Oct 2010

Andromache aug/2012

Anklebiter Ridge April 2017

Aylmer July 1/06      Shows bypass of downclimb – fastest way

Baldy – various years

Bellevue Hill Waterton May/2017

Black Rock Mountain

Black Tusk

Bluerock  Mountain Sept 2013  Sheep/Kananaskis area

Brett – trip report       Brett – pics

 Buller  2006

Burgess and Walcott  2010

Burstall  2006

Bryant July 2017


Cascade 2016


Chief Mountain – Montana  2005

Chief Mountain Trip Report – Summitpost

Collembolla  2010

Copper Mtn   july 1/10

Commonwealth Aug 2013

Compression Ridge, July 5/08 – map – come back to same park lot

Dolomite July17/06

Dolomite Route Discussion on Summitpost

Door Jam/Loder/Jura Creek June 2/07

Door jamb Loder March 2017

East Peak of Wendell  2008

Edith – June 16/06

Engadine 2004

Fisher Peak – Kananaskis July 30/06 –  NEW APPROACH PICS SINCE FLOODS

Fisher Peak – Kananaskis – Mountain page, route description and Trip Report on Summitpost

Fisher Peak/ mountain Cranbrook  July/2011

Fisher Peak 2015  Success

Gap Mountain

Gap Peak 2004

GR 427439 – North Fork Upper Canyon Creek, Nov 2/08

Grizzly Peak-June 24/06

Gunnery Mtn  June 6/10

Half Dome Yosemite

Ha Ling and Miners

Heart Mountain – Loop

Heart Extension to Twin Towers  2004

Holy Cross Sept/2012

Howard TR Nov/09      Howard pics

Indefatigable N & traverse  2006

Inglismaldie July 07

Isabelle 2009

Ishbel 1983?

Isolated/Whaleback yoho sept/2011

Kananaskis Peak June 29, 2012

Kiwetinok Sept/2011

Kidd, Gordon, Sir Alexander, Fay, Carnarvon, etc.

Lady MacDonald May/2017

Limestone – Lime Wedge 2010

Little Lawson  2017

Livingstone S  March 27/10

Mary Barclay June/2011

Murray/Cegnefs  2009

McArthur  2011

McDougal  ??

McGillivray  2005


Niles  2009

Niblock-oct 3/04


Opal North June/2017

Opal South

Old Baldy Attempt June 7/08

Old Baldy McDougal Volcano Traverse Sept/2012

Peak SE of Heart Mtn – aka twin towers or peaks Has photo of alternate downclimb on ridge

Pollinger yoho Sept/2011

Prairie Mountain April/09

Prairie Bluff East Castle April/2017

Ptarmigan Peak June/2017

Redoubt – Aug/2011 Shortcut route – 8 hours RT vs Kane 12 hr+

Richardson-Pika  2007

Remus – RMB group scramble

Romulus by shortcut Oct 1/2008 – shorter and more fun than Kane route

Romulus Shortcut on summitpost


St. Piran Sept 9/07

Stephen -Aug/05-

Stephen Trip Report and detailed route discussion – Summitpost

Smuts  2005

Smuts Detailed Route discussion and Trip Report – Summitpost

South of Isola  2012

Sofa Mountain Waterton

Squaws Tit June 28/09 -Map/directions so no bushwack

Tiara peak/Belmore Browne. 2007

Temple and route discussion  See this pic – guys on right are doing easiest way through the grey band – better than the blue/yellow markers.

Thunder Mountain 2012

 Tower of Babel  2005

The Turret July/2017

Unity and Purple June/2017

Vermilion  2005

WSW Ridge on West Baldy.  2008

Wasootch Peak May 22/10

Ward – Sept6/08

Willow ridge by chain lakes Mar/2017

East Peak of Wendell

Yamnuska – June 14/08 – alternate 5.3 ridge scramble route

Yamnuska alternate scramble ridge route 5.3 2013

Zephyr Creek Hills Limestone mountain