Mount Burke and Burke North Loop, August 24, 2019 Kananaskis

Down scramble on Mount Burke to access ridge to Burke North, Kananaskis

Ridge to Burke North

Mount Burke North Kananaskis

Mount Burke is 970 m and loop with Burke North is 1100 m and 12.6 km.

Some moderate down scrambling to get off Burke and along ridge.  Some easy/moderate scrambling to get up buttress to gain summit of Burke North. See pics.

Rock buttresses on way down rige can be bypassed along base or scrambled.

Some bushwacking do get down to creek and back to campground.





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Ha Ling August 15, 2019 Canmore

Toffee’s first time up Ha Ling

New trail is quite good. Good but crowded. Longer but lower angle. Lots of new rock steps/staircases and then several sets of suspended wooden stairs at treeline where the trail always eroded. It is designed for heavy use so that is good I guess.


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Mount Ogden Yoho Park July 31, 2019 Crux Pics

Mount Ogden Yoho Park Crux 2019

Mount Ogden Yoho Summit Ridge 2019

Mount Ogden ridge 2019

Excellent scramble with Dave and Kevin P.

8.5 km and 1235 m about 9 hours with leisurely breaks.

Found a good but steep goat/sheep trail right from highway so minimal bushwack although had to bypass some muddy sections on trail.

Up trail through trees to near big slabs then traverse hard right on trail to RH side of slabs and then up to treed bench. Through trees and followed trail to RH side of wide ridge at tree line and then on or near ridge crest on broken ledges to summit block.

Left around base to crux.Crux dry and easier than expected. Trail has developed in loose rock along base of wall and I cleaned the crux a bit to make the descent safer. Crux in dry conditions is upper Moderate or easy Difficult.

Ogden is a fantastic viewpoint for pics of dozens of nearby trips that we have done.



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Opal South and Denny July 26, 2019

Denny and Opal South

Approach up Grizzly creek. Good trail on North side of creek to col.

Kevin P did Denny and Kevin K and I did Opal S.

Went down black scree closer to Opal South and did some light scrambling at bottom to get down to trail but much faster than side hilling down from col.



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Evan Thomas attempt July 13, 2019


1420 m 4 hrs up

Too much snow on ridge.


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Mount Odlum Kananaskis July 1, 2019

Canada Day on top of Mount Odlum July 1, 2019

July 1, scramble with Dave, Wietse, and Kevin K.

Nugara scramble – went up and down alternate descent as gully/ramp route to North looked too snowy and too much loose scree with big boulders.

The alternate descent was an excellent way to go up with good trail into valley and up to Odlum col.

Then  good scree trail across South side of Odlum and up to Odlum-Loomis col.

There was some nice moderate scrambling on Odlum South ridge.

950 m, 13 km, 8 hrs


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Mount Field, Yoho Park June 25, 2019 Crux

Mount Field, Yoho Park June 25, 2019

Mount Field Yoho Upper Rockband Crux June 25, 2019 Note cairn/ vertical rock to left of Kev. Walked between snow and wall.

Mount Field Yoho Park

About 1400 m total and 17.6 km RT. 5 hrs up for me and 3 down

We parked at Field info center and went across the road and found good well used shortcut trail (on grassy slope about 100 m East) to intersect the Burgess pass trail. This is shorter and better than parking at Burgess pass trailhead.

Some blow down trees/logs over trail but that may be dealt with soon according to wardens. No snow except after junction with trail from Emerald lake there was some ankle deep in trees.

Take the Yoho Lake/Wapta trail (still in trees) which gradually goes down but leave trail at a small square red survey flag and follow the crest of the treed ridge until hit tree line (versus going to the curve. – saves  some elevation and distance loss and puts you on best ascent ridge with trail)

See pic above for route above tree line which leads to gully (marked with cairn above)with some easy moves and much easier gully than whatever I went up 20 years ago.

Most higher peaks around still have snow and need some time.




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Windy Peak and Saddle Peaks, Kananaskis, Mount Livingstone Natural area, June 18, 2019

North and South Saddle Peaks, Mount Livingstone Natural Area, June 18, 2019


Windy Peak and Saddle Peaks Direct vs over Windy Hills

Trying to avoid the rain and we got lucky as storms went either side of us.

Most people go over Windy Hills but we decided to go direct as per South Leg of 75A route in Daffern Volume 5 and gain North end of ridge to Windy Peak.

See map and two labelled approach pics to keep you out of the swampy wet areas or go in fall.

There is about 360 m to top of Windy peak and about a 180 m drop to col with Saddle peak ridge and then 225 to top of saddle and about 50 m drop and regain between the two peaks of Saddle.

Total trip gain and regain was close to 950 m and 16 km.


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Midnight Peak Kananaskis June 15, 2019

Midnight Peak West ridge June 15, 2019

Went up Baldy Pass trail for a bit then across dry creekbed and went up a steep but relatively open treed ridge to gain west ridge. Followed over several rocky bumps to treeline and then followed ridge to summit. Some trail and followed trail around the one downclimb.  Went down same ridge and had some troubles following trails in trees but came out on the Baldy pass trail and out.

About 970 m and 10 km RT.


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Little Lougheed June 12

After work Wed special 750 m 6 km. 2 hours 20 min up in heat and 1 hr 10 down

Trail now goes up around RH side of rock field all the way in the trees and generally keeps to the edge of ridge above rock field/dip.

Trail is a bit messed up/ripped up through the broken rock at top.



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