Battalion Park Stairs, Signal Hill, SW, Calgary, Nov 24, 2019

Training with Toffee.

Sorta sunny.  3 to 6 C and windy. Toque and gloves, light blue running jacket, track pants. Note will need long sleeve, buff or heavier toque/gloves if colder or windier.

Did 5.5 laps or about 250 m.

Added 10 to 15 inclined pushups at bottom of each lap.

Played hockey on Wednesday. Felt good. Some swelling – iced ankle. Weak/some pain outside calf above scar(binding?) on hard left turns.

Did 12 runs of Downhill at Winsport/COP on Friday and ankle felt stronger with less swelling on side but more across front of ankle due to ski boot. Iced ankle.

Downhill boots were tight but no pain from misalignment now that most of ankle bump is gone.

Some pain across front of ankle on last runs from restricted ankle motion. Stiff next day but walk ok.


About Bill Kerr

Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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