Battalion Park Stairs, Signal Hill, SW, Calgary, Nov 13, 2019

Top of Battalion Park, Signal Hill
Lower East set of stairs, Battalion Park about 20 m and about 45-46 m to top of park

Battalion Park Stairs – three sets of wooden stairs that face south so lots of sun and chinook action.

East Lower set is behind Lowes-Staples and is 20 m from my watch. Weird stairs – 125 steps with avg inch rise of 6.5 ” = 20.6 m. The rise of the first step and last step in a flight are short and long with the rest of steps about 6.5 inches. Strange versus normal 8 or 9 inch rise. There are 13 intermediate landings with as few as 3 steps and as many as 19 steps in a flight.

The total is about 45 – 46 m from bottom by Staples to top of park by upper cenotaph.

The Upper set is 90 steps with 9 inch rise(20.6 m)

plus 2 m between top of lower east set and the center cenotaph and 2 m above top set of upper stairs to upper cenotaph.(20.6+20.6+2+2=45.2 m)

West Lower set is behind Library and Superstore. Bottom is higher than East set so about (82 steps = 18.7 m) and 40 m to the top to around upper cenotaph.

Both lower sets connect to upper by a paved path and there is another cenotaph at base of upper stairs.

Note for comparison the McHugh Bluff stairs, Memorial Drive behind the Calgary Curling club are 110 feet high = 33.5 m.

There are lots of information signs which explain the park and the large white numbers which identify the regiments that were stationed nearby in WW1.

My phone GPS has problems here due to shielding from buildings so lots of spikes.

Garmin watch was best but need to circle cenotaph at top and do a 5 m loop at bottom for the watch to register or catch up.

Had surgery on a bone spur on ankle in late Sept and still have some swelling and stiffness issues in ankle.

Nov 13 sunny and warm so took dog and did 10 leisurely laps on the stairs so ~ 450 m up and down and 6.4 km in under 2 hours.

Leisurely about 7.5 min up and 4.5 min down so 10 laps = 75 min up and 45 min down =120 min. About 360 m/hr average on the up.

Ankle felt good and nice to stretch legs out more.

Daily 1 hour 4-5 km walks with dog are good and have been doing hills and stairs but needed to do some more elevation.

Started up hockey which is HIIT equivalent as do 90% to max heart rate several times per shift for most shifts for 1.25 hrs.

Still some ankle swelling even in tight skates so doubt that 6-8 hours in a ski boot would work for now.

 Some Pics



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