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Snow Peak Kananaskis Oct 18, 2015


Kevin – summit of Snow Peak

Good trip – recommend as one of the better easy scrambles.  About 20 km and 950 m

Took bikes to 4 km so quick trip, a little muddy on trails but dry from pass on up. went up RH side of ridge on switchback trails on scree.  A couple of easy steps over rockband then walk along summit ridge.

Once below rockband on way down went right into bowl and ran nice easy scree runs that linked up all the way to meadows and then cranked left at first tree back to lower ridge to pass.

Halfway back to pass along lower ridge dropped off ridge at a low point on talus slope on faint trail down into trees and took shortcut down avi slopes/trees back to intersect main hike trail.

Quick with shortcuts, scree runs and bikes as 6.5 hr RT with .5 hrs at top.

Lots of people and dogs up to pass and no sign of bears.

Pics  New Zenfolio gallery

Coxscomb Oct 3, 2015


Not much trail on this.  Lots of creek rock, crossings, uphill bushwack and then scree. Not my favorite. Great views of Ishbel as per picture above.

Coxscomb Pics  use full screen slideshow if works or 2nd click for larger versions

Wietse’s pics

Skogan Peak Scramble Sept 12, 2015


Skogan Peak Scramble, going back along ridge,  Sept 2015

Great 11 hour bike, hike and scramble on what may have been last real day of summer. Rode North past big gravel outlet from Lorette gully and went up RH side of gully until above the flood damage( 300-400 m elev gain) and then picked up old trail on LH side.  Probably could have left bike at highpoint where start for Lorette ridge climb as old down trail comes out near there.

Really felt like we accomplished something as this is really closer to 1400 – 1500 m elev with the up and down along ridge after gain bump by Lorette.

Bypassed slabs in a few places by going down and followed cairns or common sense.

Lots of exposure and loose rock. Needs some more traffic.

Pics are mine, Dave’s, Kevan and Alex  use full screen slideshow if can get it to work.

Little Yoho Aug 30, 2015 Mt. Kerr


Mt Kerr Yoho August 30, 2015 Are we having fun yet?


A easy 1350 m 32 km RT jaunt into the Little Yoho to do Mt Kerr.

Rained on us most of way in and up to the pass and then snowed/blizzard on Kerr. Great exercise and fun?!



Carthew, Waterton Aug 14, 2015


Kevin and Wietse – Winning smiles

Trying to escape the rain.  Worked for a few hours and then rained on us at 2 pm on top of Carthew and on/off all the way down.  If doing Carthew from Cameron Lake – cut left in the trees just after last short left switch and catch treed ridge that is the Kane alternate descent.  Shorter than going down SE to summit lake on trail and losing elev, etc.  Ridge has interesting rock formations and at treeline has a Moderate 15 to 20 m downclimb that is exposed but fun.(see Wietse’s pics)  Rest of ridge is mainly hike up and over or around several bumps on a ridge to Carthew summit. Plan was to go down left on NW ridge to bypass cliffs and then traverse back right to Buchanan Ridge but it rained so went down sloping trail/ledge back South to col/pass between Carthew and Alderson and hiked back to Cameron Lakes in rain/hail.

Wietse’s pics 

Carthew Pics


Lineham Ridge, Kananaskis Aug 3, 2015


Summit Ridge -Lineham Ridge

Objective changed a few times.  Lineham Ridge was good choice.  Hike into Picklejar lakes and just leave trail on ridge just before lakes.  Good scrambling up to moderate with a little route finding.

Went down South -SW ridge to grassy bump and then down to valley where picked up horse trail back to main hike trail.

Wietse’s pics

Lineham pics 

Blencathra(Saddleback) Via Sharp Edge Ridge Scramble, Britain Lake District, July 2015


Blencathra (saddleback) via Sharp Edge Ridge scramble 2015

Blencathra Via Sharp Edge Ridge, Britain Lake District, July 2015 (Blencathra aka Saddleback)

Family vacation in the UK in July so wanted to do a scramble that was interesting but short and readily accessible.  Lots of high points are just hikes so searched and found Sharp Edge in the Lake District  North of Windermere, East of Keswick and SW of Carlisle.  Also considered Striding Edge and Tryfan(Wales) but both were a little longer time requirements.  Sharp Edge is interesting rock ridge with a reputation and easy access with 3-4 hr RT.  About 750 m elev gain and 8 km RT.    Slate/metamorphic rock like quartzite so slick or worse when wet (some deaths – this gets done in winter with crampons).  Turned out to be a great little scramble – Moderate (Class 3-4) if you stay on ridge crest although looks like some easy bypasses at first.  Final face climb is moderate(Class 4) for short section. Parked on North side of A66 in Scales Village just past(on East side) the White Horse pub(good food and ale and free wifi) so walked a narrow road uphill East for extra 10 -15 min to a walking gate (small space for 2-3 cars) then good trail to Lake/tarn in about an hour.  About 30 to 40 mins of scrambling depending on pictures and discussions with locals.   Saturday so 100+ people but maybe 20 or 30 did the ridge during the 3+ hrs.


Sharp Edge Pics – use full screen slide show if can.


Mount Fisher July 10, 2015 aka Fisher Peak


Fisher Scramble crux move just below summit ridge


Mount Fisher   aka Fisher Peak

Hot day so we started early – left car at 7 and on top in 4 hours and 10 mins including breaks.  Three hours 20 min down. Good trail all the way but steep. About 1400 m and 8 km RT.  Followed trail right into talus around one buttress but then back left into sparse trees to go around main headwall with waterfall. Good trail LH side over headwall and past LH side of 2 tarns with lots of campsites and firepits.  Follow trail through upper valley to scree slope that leads up to col. Some more solid ledges to right of scree but stay left near top to avoid pillars on col ridge.  Trail from col leads out right onto South face and zig zags up ledges until face narrows to ridge. Follow cairns and yellow/black markers.  Some easy scramble over ledges and a couple moderate moves on LH side of ridge just below summit ridge.  Two bolts for safety if wet. Stanley Cup has been up here twice Scott Niedermayer 2000 Devils + 2007 Ducks.

For some more info on scrambling Fisher read these thoughts

One quote ” the climb has been unofficially done in one hour and 10 minutes by Wycliffe mountain man Chris Lague,  a friend of local hiking legend Denny Kerr, who’s made it in one hour 18 minutes and climbed the lofty spire a grand total of 138 times (official). Kerr, in fact, recently installed some sign markers and two metal hand-hold rings on the upper slopes of Fisher near the summit to aid climbers thanks to some money provided by Victoria.”

Sheol July 3, 2015


Temple from Sheol