Little Lawson Jan 29, 2017


Little Lawson – Kevin and me

About 750 m and 8 km RT. Packed snow so microspikes versus snowshoes. About 20 – 40 ft of rock edge just below summit- watch cornice alongside edge.


Zephyr Creek Hills Jan 21, 2017

DSC04248 (Custom)

I did about 900 m and 11 km in just over 8 hours. Note highwood river crossing – used hip waders.

Pictures  – mine and Daves

Wolverine Ridge Jan 14, 2017

DSC04238 (Large)

Wolverine Ridge

Pictures    from Vern, Raff and Dave – thanks guys.  About 840 m, 16 km and leisurely 5 hours with stop for a beer.  Ski out 7 or 8 min.

AST2 Rogers Pass Field Days Dec 27th and 28th.

Day 3 – Ursus trees 10.5 km ~ 900 m  Overcast and snowing – no pics

Day 4 – Loop Brook to Bonney Glacier  11.5 km and 900 m  – overcast – no pics

AST2 -Crowfoot Trees Dec 4

Rockies field day for AST2 to Crowfoot Trees/Glades

Overcast and snowing so no pics.

6.6 km 300 m – mainly worked on weather, terrain, pits and one ski down.

GR 409435 North-North Fork of Upper Canyon Creek (N of Bryant)


GR409435 North-north fork of Upper Canyon creek – follow creek bed to trees and straight up NE ridge vs col/then N ridge

Hike 63A in the red book.  North – north fork of Upper Canyon Creek then NE ridge direct to peak versus going to col and then up N ridge to peak. Last 200 m had loose rock but ok.   Excellent scree/dirt run down the South side (63B) to join up with the trail to Bryant to make a loop. Dropped over 500 m in 20 – 25 min at casual pace.

About 15 km RT and 850 m – Not much trail, lots of creek bed rock and snow in the shade. casual 7 hrs with lots of breaks




Livingstone Oct 21 2016


Coming off false summit on Livingstone

Livingstone Pics


Hells Ridge



Wietse’s pics


Jumpingpound Mountain