Turbine Canyon and Campground Backpack Aug 5-6, 2022

Just went to Turbine campground and canyon. About 34 km RT but note in addition to gain 100 m from Interlakes trailhead to Forks you gain and lose about 250 m. From Forks to Turbine gain 500 m to highpoint so net gain from TH to Turbine is 600 m but gross is closer to 1000 m. With overnight/big packs expect to take 5 to 6 hours or more if hot or slow. On way out turbine to Forks there is 100 m gross gain to highpoint and then about 300 m gross gain back to TH. Total RT then is 34 km and gross 1400+ m. Expect 5 to 6 hrs out if have big packs. Trail in good shape and campground in excellent shape as recently upgraded. Good tent pads with gravel and some wood. Pads are reserved but not assigned so reservation C is not pad 3 so your pick. New outhouses, lots of aluminum picnic tables and bear lockers. Bring foam sit pad for tables. No group fire pit and some bear locker doors were jammed. Beautiful but a bit busy. Canyon is best viewed from trail along South side. RH if start from bridge at campground. Beautiful place. bring bug spray.


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Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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