Emerald Peak by Emerald Slide Path Ski, Feb 10, 2013 Yoho powder


Emerald Peak Avalanche Slide path – ski Yoho powder

Emeral Peak Yoho Avalanche Slide Path Ski

Emerald Peak by Emerald Slide path. Sunday feb 10.  Cooling trend and some new snow, moderate avi based mainly on wind slab so we thought we would bag this.  Good choice as the upper half was very good skiing. All photos are coutesy of Vern or Raff since I left my camera on the charger.

Minus -16 C at the start but warmed up quickly in the sun but no melting so all good. Up track was good except for unecessary swing left into the forest at about 1/3 of the way up.  Upper part was rebroke in the new snow by a pair of skiers ahead of us.  They peeled off and skied from the rocks on the right below the summit so we had to break the upper part. Original plan was to ski up to the right and ski to summit but the new snow over the base made it hard to build angle on the steep part.  Rather than do 6 tight switchbacks over everyone we decided to cut over to the rock ridge on the left.  The ridge went but was more complicated than expected. Great views on top with no wind. ( 4.5 hours?)

On the way up the ridge I used the rock as much as possible but on the way down the ridge I lazily followed Kevin’s steps in the snow beside the rock and  sank up to my armpits in the moat and had to roll out. I am sure I am not as heavy as Kevin so what gives with that!   back down to the skis and then a super run down. Beautiful powder over a solid base. There was the odd sugary spot beside local rocks but overall real solid.  Bottom half was like a ski area with tracks – must have been hundreds of skiers on this in last 2 months.

pics at Emerald  Thanks Vern and Raff

Vern’s Pics

Kevins Pics Emerald  at Summits for Seniors – great cause. kevin also has video.

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