Baker/Peyto hut April 20/21, 2012 ski wapta icefield banff


Mount Baker , Wapta Icefield, Banff from Peyto hut


Wapta icefield peyto hut approach Banff

Good trip into North end of Wapta icefield – Peyto Hut to do Baker.

Went in by moraine route on climbers right side of canyon and out by canyon route.  On way in had to cross stream on rocks at first narrows and then had to take skis off for 30 m to get up on first bench on right so easiest to scramble rocks up to snow. Skied up on right side of lower moraine in trees and then had to kick steps up onto upper moraine.  Don’t need to go last 20 to 30 m elev on upper moraine as can contour around to left and ski down to weather huts and then another 70 m elev down to glacier toe.

The canyon route needs good snow cover – basically goes down the skiers right hand side of canyon.  Have to take off skis and scramble over some dirt/rock ribs/ridge above a narrow canyon section in one place.  Avi risk so needs to be stable due to slopes on both sides.  Had to go along canyon bottom in one wider place to avoid ice flows on the right slopes.  When get to wind scoop/cornice part go to skiers right against the rock for safest way down and kick steps down or ski it if it has been tramped down.  Quick out if good snow coverage.

my Pics  – full screen slideshow best.

Kevins Pictures at Summits for Seniors – great cause. (Link dead)

Vern’s Pics

Scott’s pics

Wietse’s Pics

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