Brett Sept 25/09

Brett – about 1600 m and 22 km – 9 hour RT. About 6 hrs up and 3 hours down. Bike trail for 55 min – bike out – 13 minutes! Brett had never been on my radar but I took a picture from Isabelle a couple of weeks ago and Kevin wanted to do […]

Isabelle Sept 13/09

Participants – Kevin, Dave S, Brian H, Marta W, and John. Good company and conversations helped but this was not a favorite trip.  I was busy sat and was not too organized so I did not check the weather or anything.  I was chilly on Murray last week so this time I wore a long […]

Murray/Cegnefs Sept4/09

Scramble with Kevin on Friday Sept 4.  8 hour RT – Mainly sidehilling and scree slog on bad rock – glad it was partly frozen together.  I can see why this trip is rated so low – “Only for diehard rockies scree fans” was a favorite quote from the trip reports – partly offset by good […]

Goat Mountain/ridge Traverse 5.3 Kananaskis beside Yamnuska East of Canmore, Canada

  Goat Mountain traverse from North to South or from Yamnuska to Hwy 1A. This Goat Mountain is East of Canmore and beside Yamnuska and should not be confused with Old Goat Mountain which is South of Canmore and on the West side of Spray Lakes or any of the dozens of other Goat Mountains across […]