Goat Mountain/ridge Traverse 5.3 Kananaskis beside Yamnuska East of Canmore, Canada



Goat Mountain Traverse 5.3, Kananaskis, by Yamnuska


Goat Mountain Traverse 5.3, Exshaw, by Yamnuska

Goat Mountain traverse from North to South or from Yamnuska to Hwy 1A.

This Goat Mountain is East of Canmore and beside Yamnuska and should not be confused with Old Goat Mountain which is South of Canmore and on the West side of Spray Lakes or any of the dozens of other Goat Mountains across the world!

Friday Aug 28/09 with Wietse and Kevin.  About 10 km and 1100 m and 1400 m  total.  We took 13 hours as we did as much of ridge as we could and did 4 raps.  Beautiful sunny day- great time with good guys.  Never harder than 5.3 but not much hiking. Lots of exposure. Used a 30 m single rope, a few slings and some small cams to 2 inch.

Most of trip report is in comments with the pictures.

Interested in feedback on Bypass trail for people going S-N direction(1A to Yam) and where people rapped or got off the SE ridge of Unnamed. Send an e-mail or leave a comment.


Pictures are here.

Goat Traverse

Wietse’s pictures

Summitpost Route Description

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