Yukness, Abbot Pass Hut and Wiwaxy East Peak, Lake O’Hara, July 30, 2016


Lake O’Hara Yukness Mountain


Abbot Pass Hut Trail – 900m from O’Hara, 660m from Oesa, steep scree, take a helmet – taken from Yukness


Abbot Pass – up trail has markings, either side of first buttress, then stay left of next 2 buttresses then follow trail across right to LH side of central gully.  Central gully is loose scree and is used for descent. People visible on trail are at bottom of central gully – down trail.  Taken from Yukness. click on pic to enlarge.

Lake O’Hara is hard to get into as the buses are always booked and supposedly you can’t even do wait list walk ons. A friend had a cancellation so I was able to squeeze in on a two day trip. Shout out to Matthew Hobbs and Vern for route pics and their trip reports on Wiwaxy East Peak.

Yukness and Wiwaxy East Pics and comments

Wiwaxy East Peak Writeup and Pics

Wietse’s pics

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2 Responses to Yukness, Abbot Pass Hut and Wiwaxy East Peak, Lake O’Hara, July 30, 2016

  1. Jenn says:

    Very excited to say that I am finally going to make my bucket list of doing this a reality in just over 8 weeks from now!! Booked the hut and will be securing my flight out to Calgary shortly! As things stand now, unless I find people on the trail to hook up with, I’ll be heading up on my own. Quite exciting for me! Any pointers or suggestions for clubs in the area or groups to hook up with that might help out with hooking me up with other hikers when i go would be greatly appreciated!

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