Wiwaxy Peak – Scramble East Towers Lake O’Hara Yoho July 31, 2016

Wiwaxy East Peak Towers Yoho Scramble Route

Wiwaxy Peaks East Towers Downclimbing Tower #2

Day One was Yukness , alpine ledge route and Abbot Pass Hut. Day 2 was scramble wiwaxy east peak towers.  Came down from hut and took alpine ledge route from above Lake Oesa and up to Wiwaxy col. Note we bypassed first buttress by angling down and dropping 30 m below it and then up ledges and scree to upper bowl. Cross over a ridge and then traverse left to gully between tower 3 and #2.  Climb moderate scramble over #2 and then down 15m and moderate scramble up #1.  Retrace all this back to first buttress then we went straight down on left side of gully to intersect trail vs going back to col.

Highly recommended if in area. Great views including Huber ledge route.



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Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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