Snow Peak Kananaskis Oct 18, 2015


Kevin – summit of Snow Peak

Good trip – recommend as one of the better easy scrambles.  About 20 km and 950 m

Took bikes to 4 km so quick trip, a little muddy on trails but dry from pass on up. went up RH side of ridge on switchback trails on scree.  A couple of easy steps over rockband then walk along summit ridge.

Once below rockband on way down went right into bowl and ran nice easy scree runs that linked up all the way to meadows and then cranked left at first tree back to lower ridge to pass.

Halfway back to pass along lower ridge dropped off ridge at a low point on talus slope on faint trail down into trees and took shortcut down avi slopes/trees back to intersect main hike trail.

Quick with shortcuts, scree runs and bikes as 6.5 hr RT with .5 hrs at top.

Lots of people and dogs up to pass and no sign of bears.

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About Bill Kerr

Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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