Mount Bell climb scramble NE Ridge 5.3 Aug 26/2011 Banff Lake Louise quartzite


Mount Bell NE ridge 5.3 Quartzite Banff Lake Louise scramble climb


Mount Bell  Big step on NEast Ridge 5.3 Quartzite Banff


Mount Bell NE ridge – the 5.3 step

Successful climb/scramble of the NE ridge with Wietse and Scott. This is a long day as it took us 13 hours car to car. We took the shortcut direct to the ridge from the Taylor lake trail junction which saved about 1 hour and were on top in about 7 hours including lunches and a stop to bandage up my hand.  Small gash (3 stiches) after jamming it into a sharp rock.

Short 15 min bushwack to open scree slope-  some dirty loose scree  in larches.  Gained the ridge near start of rock and then scrambled up  with one diversion left off the ridge crest and up to the 5.3 slab – pitched out 40 m and then carried rope to next big step.  Short roped the rest over, up or around various steps with good leading/route finding by Scott.  Rock is generally solid for any climbing parts but lots of broken crap on ledges.  great views.  We were passed near the top by a solo guy from Canmore.

Took the scramble route down and then left across to col was loose and crappy or poor sidehilling. Snow down col was soft enough in the heat, around the lakes and then lots of mindnumbing down on the trails.  This ridge would be a lot more popular without the approach!

I was quite glad to complete this given the history with Gary on my first attempt.  We toasted him and dedicated the climb to him at the top.  It is a good climb and he would have enjoyed it when he was still capable of doing it.

Pictures at Bell NE Ridge   5.3 Aug 26/2011 – Use full screen slideshow

Much easier and quicker to shortcut to ridge from Taylor lake junction.

See Bell NE Ridge pic  for perspective.

Wietses Pics

Scott’s pics

Previous attempts Bell 2010    (lightning/hail/rain) and Bell  2008  (accident)

Note – some Beta pics on Taylor Lake  Pass  to Consolation Lake

and Chickadee to Boom,  Boom to O’ Brien Lake – Couloir, etc.



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