Erickson, Crowsnest June 2013

Mount Erickson at Crowsnest Pass – about seven km into B.C. Trip with Kevin and Scott.  Mountain was done by group of seven and Dave S. on Saturday and us on Sunday.  We did not start at end of ridge so we went up on RH side and used the service road for the large […]

Turtle Mountain August 1/2011

Window , Allison and Turtle Well actually we(kevin, Wietse and I) only did Turtle as a consolation prize as unbelievably there was too much steep snow on the slopes below Window and some of us only had running shoes. Bring boots, axe and probably crampons if planning on Window in the next 2- 3 weeks. […]

Livingstone South March 27/10

I will let Kevin Papke tell this story. His posts from the RMB Outdoor Forum With Bill Kerr and Dave Salahub we adventurous souls drove away south for a garrentee’d target. A minor peak at the south end of the Livingston Range. After almost 3 hrs drive from home we finally left the car at […]