Cardiac Stress test Dec 13, 2018 (Bruce Protocol)

Annual treadmill heart stress test at Total Cardiology.

12 min Peak BP 194/72 and 159 HR

Could have done more but ankle issues and had achieved goals  with very close to exhaustion point so began slowdown at 12 minutes.

“Bruce Protocol” –  treadmill increases angle and speed every 3 min so change at 12 min.

Most hit Exhaustion but they also monitor for spiking/ peak BP or max Heart rate or erratic HR.

VO2 max Calc is 42.4 so excellent category for any 63 year old. (12.5 min would be 44.4 or superior for 60+)

This is really a cardiac capacity test and an anaerobic max test so does not say anything about aerobic threshold or long term aerobic endurance.

note hockey on wed 12 shifts x HR of 135 to 158 and felt good.


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