Skogan Peak Scramble Sept 12, 2015


Skogan Peak Scramble, going back along ridge,  Sept 2015

Great 11 hour bike, hike and scramble on what may have been last real day of summer. Rode North past big gravel outlet from Lorette gully and went up RH side of gully until above the flood damage( 300-400 m elev gain) and then picked up old trail on LH side.  Probably could have left bike at highpoint where start for Lorette ridge climb as old down trail comes out near there.

Really felt like we accomplished something as this is really closer to 1400 – 1500 m elev with the up and down along ridge after gain bump by Lorette.

Bypassed slabs in a few places by going down and followed cairns or common sense.

Lots of exposure and loose rock. Needs some more traffic.

Pics are mine, Dave’s, Kevan and Alex  use full screen slideshow.

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Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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