Fisher Peak Kananaskis Scramble N – NW Access to Col at Mid Ridge July, 2018

Follow left creek bed at Forks and pass a steep creek and then a scar on right bank. Ascend a drainage and follow easily to col. This approach bypasses the terrible rubble on West aspect

Fisher Peak Kananaskis NW Drainage Access – pic from Adrian Cornescian – thanks

Probably best access to the col in middle of the Fisher Peak Ridge. At Forks – follow left creek bed to past a steep creek and then a scar on the right bank and follow an easy drainage up to the col.(see maps in Pics)

More creek bed but lower angle, easier travel up and down, no elevation loss over west ridge highpoint, and avoids the ugly rubble on the West side of ridge.

Collection of google Maps and pics from various trip reports off the internet. Thanks to whoever I got pics from.


PICS from 2006 scramble

Summitpost TR

Fisher Peak Route Description

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4 Responses to Fisher Peak Kananaskis Scramble N – NW Access to Col at Mid Ridge July, 2018

  1. mark says:

    Is it possible to carry your bike at the forks (washout?) to continue on the trail passed the fork and access the Mtn further down the valley to the right of your “col” arrow on the satellite map? I have never been into the range and friends that did it prior to the flood made it further in passed the fork on their bikes. I don’t have a fancy bike (just front shocks) and will have considerable weight on it so I am seeking info before planning the trip with my teenage son this summer/fall. Thank you for your time!

  2. Bill Kerr says:

    Yes you can carry/walk your bikes but there are various washouts and alders so not sure how good the trail is as pass the old backcountry/horse campground. The old trail then crosses to the East side of valley and you can walk your bikes up to the high point which is where we left the trail. The highpoint is closest to the the ridge and you can bypass all of the rubble. see map and pics.

  3. Bill Kerr says:

    We went all the way to trail highpoint – see # 7 on map. Better writeup here Also note this video from Adrian C. where he documents taking his bike past the Forks and going further South on the old trail past the highpoint(#7 on map)and then up a valley/drainage and up scree slopes to bypass all the downclimbs on the summit ridge and comes out by summit. Go up steep scree slopes so best if no loose snow and only small group with helmets.

  4. Mark says:

    Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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