Dolomite Circuit Backcountry Ski Tour Banff Park


Dolomite peak circuit Banff ski traverse map



Dolomite peak circuit notch helen ridge

Dolomite Circuit track – unrushed but steady pace with trailbreaking and several lunch stops – just over 8 hours. 18 kms and over 700 m total elev.

Looking at notch in rocky shoulder – high point in crossing of Helen ridge.

Some AVI Risk – We traversed one at a time left to right above the little tree across and then up just to right of big rocks(notch) in Helen ridge.

Some Avi risk also from right as descend from Dolomite pass  towards trees. stay up on left.  see third map.

Optional exit along ramp at treeline to come out above hwy about 1 km north of Mosquito creek.

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Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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