Cornwall Ski Reconaissance Trip


Attempt on Cornwall – could have skinned from park lot.


 Succesfully summiting is all about conditions and timing, so I have learned to enjoy whatever experience comes because I usually cannot cherry pick days. Over the years Kevin and I have dragged each other on a variety of ill conceived “Expeditions To No-where” because we take whatever days we can. So with somewhat low expectations we lined up at the Little Elbow gate at 8:00 to try a bike, hike and ski of Cornwall. It has been cool and there has been new snow but I would have preferred an earlier start. The bikes were not necessary as we were pushing them within a km so we slapped on the boards. Next obstacle was grizzly tracks but we talked our way past them. There actually was skinable snow most of the way up the creek to the canyon section but new fresh bear tracks, time and softening snow turned us around before we got out of the trees.  A good reconnaissance trip and a great day out of the office.

This is doable if we can avoid the bears and guys with swords(wierd Romanian guy). The distance is only 11.5 km and 1300 m so if we could have got away at 5 or 6AM we would have got it.

Pictures are here

Cornwall May 15/09

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