Carthew, Waterton Aug 14, 2015


Kevin and Wietse – Winning smiles

Trying to escape the rain.  Worked for a few hours and then rained on us at 2 pm on top of Carthew and on/off all the way down.  If doing Carthew from Cameron Lake – cut left in the trees just after last short left switch and catch treed ridge that is the Kane alternate descent.  Shorter than going down SE to summit lake on trail and losing elev, etc.  Ridge has interesting rock formations and at treeline has a Moderate 15 to 20 m downclimb that is exposed but fun.(see Wietse’s pics)  Rest of ridge is mainly hike up and over or around several bumps on a ridge to Carthew summit. Plan was to go down left on NW ridge to bypass cliffs and then traverse back right to Buchanan Ridge but it rained so went down sloping trail/ledge back South to col/pass between Carthew and Alderson and hiked back to Cameron Lakes in rain/hail.

Wietse’s pics 

Carthew Pics


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