Healy Pass Feb 5/2011


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Headed out with Scott and Wietse to do Circuit – Healy Pass to Egypt Lake and out by Red Earth Creek trail. New snow/trail breaking slowed us down a bit and no tracks beyond Healy Pass so we decided to just ski back down Healy creek versus coming out in the dark. Nice short day with good weather and a few turns at the pass. Some good pics back at Simpson Pass/Sunshine area so could see where we went several weeks before.

Also looked at a potential gully route through the cliffs and trees for a run down off Wawa ridge to West  or SW which would come out on the Healy Crk trail near the second slide path. Have heard rumours of guys doing this for years but never have focused on a feasible route. Definitely would want better avi conditions. There are 2 or 3 steep avi paths farther north that would be really questionable but there is a treed gully that looks doable in the right conditions although finding it from above might be hard.

Pics at Healy Pass Feb 5/2011

Wietse’s pics

Scott’s pics

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