Ski Healy Creek -Simpson pass to Sunshine 2011

Healy Creek Pass Sunshine Ski Traverse

p1000351Dec 30 Wietse and I decided to do Chic Scott’s trip in reverse. Note all pics are Wietse’s – Thanks.

I had unsuccessfully looked for this route before so I was not sure of the down route and thought it might be easier to find the route through the cliffs from below.  We got lucky as someone had broke an up route trail recently.

I did not expect to go all the way to Simpson pass but the trail took us there and then got us to the top of the steep dense trees and then to a series of hills and ridges that led to the flat area on the North side of Twin Cairns. We went around the South side of the hill just North of Twin Cairns and to the top of Wawa Chair.

I read over Chic’s description again and I think the down route is actually to the South of where we went.  Anybody done this? Pictures?

Also in the guide book – the initial direction from the top of the Wawa chair is to “angle off Northeast to the notch in the ridge North of Twin Cairns” – This is obviously supposed to be angle to the Southwest!

I put some maps with our GPS route in the pics. Unrushed 4.5 hours to Wawa chair with some trail breaking, pictures and breaks. Cold.


Pics at Healy-Simpson-Sunshine

Wietse’s Pics

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3 Responses to Ski Healy Creek -Simpson pass to Sunshine 2011

  1. Dan says:

    Great Pics! Any chance you could send me you GPS data on the trip? I am heading there on Saturday and thought I could download it just in case. Thanks for posting your trips.


  2. vic bond says:

    Nice pics Bill, have always done this trip from Sunshine, and I think usually closer to the summer trail.
    Made this short video of Burstall Pass, weekend before the accident.

  3. Bill Kerr says:

    Nice video Vic! Good editing and musical overlay.
    Looks like great snow conditions at that point.

    That accident was sad given the conditions, route selection and lack of beacons.
    Thanks for the feedback on the Sunshine to Healy trip. We looked north at the area for the summer trail which looked easy and I expect lots of people do it that way. The slopes to the South side of our track looked angled enough to actually get some turns so I was wondering if anyone had done that(of course depending on avy conditions) and what the cliff looks like to get down to Simpson pass.


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