Blencathra (Saddleback) Via Sharp Edge Ridge Scramble, Britain Lake District, July 2015

Blencathra (saddleback) via Sharp Edge Ridge scramble 2015

Blencathra Via Sharp Edge Ridge, Britain Lake District, July 2015 (Blencathra aka Saddleback)

Family vacation in the UK in July so wanted to do a scramble that was interesting but short and readily accessible.  Lots of high points are just hikes so searched and found Sharp Edge in the Lake District  North of Windermere, East of Keswick and SW of Carlisle.  Also considered Striding Edge and Tryfan(Wales) but both were a little longer time requirements.  Sharp Edge is interesting rock ridge with a reputation and easy access with 3-4 hr RT.  About 750 m elev gain and 8 km RT.    Slate/metamorphic rock like quartzite so slick or worse when wet (some deaths – this gets done in winter with crampons).  Turned out to be a great little scramble – Moderate (Class 3-4) if you stay on ridge crest although looks like some easy bypasses at first.  Final face climb is moderate(Class 4) for short section. Parked on North side of A66 in Scales Village just past(on East side) the White Horse pub(good food and ale and free wifi) so walked a narrow road uphill East for extra 10 -15 min to a walking gate (small space for 2-3 cars) then good trail to Lake/tarn in about an hour.  About 30 to 40 mins of scrambling depending on pictures and discussions with locals.   Saturday so 100+ people but maybe 20 or 30 did the ridge during the 3+ hrs.


Sharp Edge Pics – use full screen slide show if can.


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