Blanket Glacier Feb 25 – Feb 28, 2012

Blanket Peak and Glacier, Monashees


Annual Trip to Blanket Glacier Chalet in the Monashees. Twenty-first time!

Heli in/out to hut – backcountry ski trip.  Great deep powder snow. My Polar Bears are 96 mm underfoot and felt like I could have used another 10 mm at least!

Waist deep plus on the steep stuff in the trees for first two days as overcast/snowing and avi risk.  Up to Caribou ridge on 3rd day and did laps on the reliable sweet powder line on the west end.

Great trip as usual but getting lazy on the pictures.

My pics at  Blanket 2012

Other links  with much better pics

Kerry’s Pics

Keith F pics

Keith Chase Pics

Jeff’s Video Link

Previous years trips are Ski Trips tab at top.

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Weekend climber, scrambler and backcountry skier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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