Cathedral Mountain July 20 2013 Summer climb Yoho Park

  Great climb with Wietse. Walk 4 km on road and bring runners/sandals for stream crossing. Good to have gps track and follow trail up through trees to above tree line. Some ice showing on glacier and snow was a bit soft but went well and beat out the weather.   pics at Cathedral Wietse’s […]

Mothers Day Buttress July 14, 2013

Drove through rain from Calgary to Scott Lake Hill and then started out to Louis but threatening cloud, cool weather and windy so did not want to commit to Louis so deceded to do Mothers Day Buttress 5.6. Great short climb – 25 min approach and about 3 hours to top. Walk trail along upper […]

Mount Yamnuska Ridge 5.3 Scramble Traverse July 1, 2013

Short hot scramble with Dave and Wietse on July 1. Took the ridge on Yamnuska versus walking up the trail. Pictures tell the story but mostly a moderate scramble with exposure.   Pics at yamnuska ridge Wietse’s pics ¬†2008 pics and description¬†