Mount Ogden Yoho Park July 31, 2019 Crux Pics

Mount Ogden Yoho Park Crux 2019

Mount Ogden Yoho Summit Ridge 2019

Mount Ogden ridge 2019

Excellent scramble with Dave and Kevin P.

8.5 km and 1235 m about 9 hours with leisurely breaks.

Found a good but steep goat/sheep trail right from highway so minimal bushwack although had to bypass some muddy sections on trail.

Up trail through trees to near big slabs then traverse hard right on trail to RH side of slabs and then up to treed bench. Through trees and followed trail to RH side of wide ridge at tree line and then on or near ridge crest on broken ledges to summit block.

Left around base to crux.Crux dry and easier than expected. Trail has developed in loose rock along base of wall and I cleaned the crux a bit to make the descent safer. Crux in dry conditions is upper Moderate or easy Difficult.

Ogden is a fantastic viewpoint for pics of dozens of nearby trips that we have done.



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