Windy Peak and Saddle Peaks, Kananaskis, Mount Livingstone Natural area, June 18, 2019

North and South Saddle Peaks, Mount Livingstone Natural Area, June 18, 2019


Windy Peak and Saddle Peaks Direct vs over Windy Hills

Trying to avoid the rain and we got lucky as storms went either side of us.

Most people go over Windy Hills but we decided to go direct as per South Leg of 75A route in Daffern Volume 5 and gain North end of ridge to Windy Peak.

See map and two labelled approach pics to keep you out of the swampy wet areas or go in fall.

There is about 360 m to top of Windy peak and about a 180 m drop to col with Saddle peak ridge and then 225 to top of saddle and about 50 m drop and regain between the two peaks of Saddle.

Total trip gain and regain was close to 950 m and 16 km.


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