Andomache – Molar glacier ski route – USE AT OWN RISK

  This gets done in spring with good coverage and solid avi conditions. Pics 1  

Mount Stanley North Face July 15/10 Kootenay Park, Canada

Roy, Kevin and I along with guide Mark Klassen and assistant Kris Irwin did the North Face (Kahl route – alpine Grade III) on Thursday.  Solid day as we left the bivy at 2:30AM and were on top by 8 AM.  Good conditions as schrund was easy and only two pitches of easy ice just above the schrund. […]

Niles Aug 8/09

Great trip with Wietse and Kevin. Good views but for the haze. Long walk – 24 km – 1350 m – 9 hrs RT Very good trail to Niles meadow and also up East side of valley to base of Niles.  Best/fastest to use drainage gully directly to Niles up and down and best to […]

East Stanley Ridge – Ball Attempt 2 Alpine climb

  Great Alpine climb along East ridge of Stanley in an attempt to ramble along the continental divide over Beatrice and do Mount Ball. Stopped by 5th class bump before Beatrice- lack of equipment, poor rock, route finding and time. Overall great adventure in fantastic setting. We did 1700 m and took 14 hrs RT.   […]

Stanley Valley July 10/09

Wet reconaissance hike. Pictures here Stanley valley july 10/09