Mount Shark Kananaskis Scramble July 21, 2018

Cold windy day with a hangover and tired legs from 30 km last weekend. Rode bikes to Lake. Easiest to leave bikes in trees versus going down to lake. Up to Karst springs. Best trail starts of righthand side of trail about 50-70m before end of pathway/springs. Up through trees on convoluted trail but stick […]

Unity Peak and Purple peak June 17, 2017

Cool cloudy windy day with a very alpine feel but manged to get this loop in.  Road bike to Temple lodge and then went up left side of ski area and crossed creek to side hill the West side of Wolverine Ridge.  Some boulder fields, avi debris, and bushwack but no snow so angle up […]

Lady MacDonald May 22, 2017

RT  1250m, 11 km and 6.5 hours including breaks. First 950 m to paraglider ramp was 2hrs 20 min – the trail is much improved and 45 min for next 300 m to ridge. Very sunny and hot – sunburnt legs Pics

Anklebiter Ridge April 8, 2017

      Scramble 5.7 km, 860 m, 5.5 hrs – lots of postholing and time deciding on doing loop. Similar but easier than doorjamb.  Good trail from Grotto pond park lot and turn right up trail on ridge. Several trail options but want to keep to ridge crest so keep RH of slabs as […]

Blencathra (Saddleback) Via Sharp Edge Ridge Scramble, Britain Lake District, July 2015

Blencathra Via Sharp Edge Ridge, Britain Lake District, July 2015 (Blencathra aka Saddleback) Family vacation in the UK in July so wanted to do a scramble that was interesting but short and readily accessible.  Lots of high points are just hikes so searched and found Sharp Edge in the Lake District  North of Windermere, East […]

Mothers Day Buttress July 14, 2013

Drove through rain from Calgary to Scott Lake Hill and then started out to Louis but threatening cloud, cool weather and windy so did not want to commit to Louis so deceded to do Mothers Day Buttress 5.6. Great short climb – 25 min approach and about 3 hours to top. Walk trail along upper […]

Old Baldy McDougal Volcano Traverse Sept 29/2012

  Big day for me coming off the couch after 3 weeks rehab on my cut/bruised knee and only one outing per month. About 1700 -1800 m elevation plus 20+ km.  Took us about 12 hours due to a wrong turn on descent on Volcano so we just avoided the headlamps. Took trail along the […]

Uto July 12, 2012 climb Rogers pass Sir Donald pics Selkirks

  Daytrip from the campground with Mark Klassen and Kris Irwin leading Kevin, Dave and myself on a great easy rock route.   Plan A was to be North Victoria but was too hot with no overnight freeze so we decided to go to Rogers Pass and do Uto from the campground(1700m day).  Up early in […]

Mount Bell climb scramble NE Ridge 5.3 Aug 26/2011 Banff Lake Louise quartzite

Successful climb/scramble of the NE ridge with Wietse and Scott. This is a long day as it took us 13 hours car to car. We took the shortcut direct to the ridge from the Taylor lake trail junction which saved about 1 hour and were on top in about 7 hours including lunches and a […]

Mount Redoubt – Scramble South West Shortcut Route Aug 20/2011 Non Kane route

Wietse and I went up the SouthWest shortcut route(Non Kane route) on Mount Redoubt on Sat.  Bob Spirko (and Marta) have a good writeup (see website/photo page tab at top) and pictures on the route and we were met on top of the mountain by a guy who did it by this route in 1996 […]