Ptarmigan Peak, Lake Louise, Banff Park June 24, 2017

Bike, hike and alpine snow climb on a good overnight freeze. About 1400 m and 21 km. The down climb to notch was exposed. See pics. Pics

Wolverine Ridge Jan 14, 2017

Pictures    from Vern, Raff and Dave – thanks guys.  About 840 m, 16 km and leisurely 5 hours with stop for a beer.  Ski out 7 or 8 min.

Sheol July 3, 2015


Purple Peak April, 2014

Quick safe ski trip to top of Purple Peak.   Pics

Wolverine Ridge/Purple Bowl April 15, 2012

Pics   Also shows ski exit from bowl to Larch runs

Lake Agnes July 30/2011

  Sunny day hike with the family.  Some beta shots of Victoria, North Victoria and Aberdeen.   Pictures at lake agnes